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  • Newsletter #1 - distributed systems, APIs security, domain-driven design, documentation, architecture as code
  • Newsletter #2 - microservices, software architecture practices, resilience, leadership
  • Newsletter #3 - evolutionary architecture, c4 model, DDD conference, tools and system thinking
  • Newsletter #4 - Domain-Driven design, architecture katas, automation strategy, event driven architecture, threat modelling
  • Newsletter #5 - Domain-Driven Design, online conference, microservices, micro-frontends, kubernetes, cloud architecture
  • Newsletter #6 - microservices, cloud, software architecture, service mesh, testing, distributed systems
  • Newsletter #7 - software architecture, Domain-Driven Design, cloud, devops, SREs, case studies
  • Newsletter #8 - serverless, microservices, cloud, distributed systems, domain-driven design
  • Newlsetter #9 - Domain-Driven design, big data, disaster recovery, software architecture
  • Newlsetter #10 - devops, microservices, serverless, podcast, conference
  • Newlsetter #11 - microservices, distributed systems, elearning, cloud, software architecture
  • Newsletter #12 - serverless, event-driven architectures, security, software architecture, kafka, chaos engineering
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